The Story of Dreaming Tree

In 2011, imagine a hot summer day in Tiru and three people, Vijay, myself(Anna) and Megan, who love to eat but nowhere to go and bored just sitting inside our  room conditioned by newly purchased AC, the idea of the Dreaming Tree was born.

Everything was flowing nicely, and we liked the rooftop we first saw. We started designing interiors how we wanted the new restaurant’s visual merchandising to be. It took two months of hard work to implement our planning , and, in the journey,  accepting that the outcome would be completely  as expected as it could be for anybody. As we planned for bamboo furniture, the carpenter took three days to make and it didn’t come out well as well.  That’s why we have cane furniture now at our newly renovated Dreaming Tree.

What we and maybe many tourists missed while travelling in India was lack of healthy and safe choices of food such as leafy green salads and many healthy options. We bought an ozonator and created the famous Hippy salad. And then , many food items and drinks got added up to our menu’s line item with the help of some sweet friends’ recommendation. Thanks for their value add!

Collectively, the menu was filled with healthy goodness of food, drink and beverages.

The first day of the restaurant was filled with giggling , panicking and lacking preparedness. The first busy season was fun, but we didn’t have enough good staff, so we had to work for 14 hour shifts and longed for break times. As days passed, Megan and myself convinced Vijay finally to close Dreaming Tree for 2 days and we went together on a bike trip to Javaddhu hills. Three of us, well-built people, squeezed on one bike.  It was a very painful experience but filled with lots of fun!

Days passed, and our supply could not meet the demand. We needed more staff. Megan and Anna conducting staff meeting was not that fruitful because of some cultural gap. In fact, it ended up with a lady faking a heart attack ,screaming and yelling.

The situation slowly improved after we got Gokul, Vijay’s brother. He became the backbone of  Dreaming Tree’s human resource management.  As the staff members operations got streamlined we were all able to breathe again. After 3 years Megan went back to Canada (opened another restaurant there, try it out)

Time passed, Vijay and Anna had a baby girl. And the Dreaming Tree was improving in many ways (only that it turned slightly more Nomadic without the influence of Anna and Megan J)

A big thanks to Vijay for establishing connection with a real Italian named Francesco who makes delicious artisan ice cream. We love it!

2018 arrived and we were kicked out by our landlord and were forced to look for a new place. What a blessing! We found our new place it in VIP Garden, post office road, a beautiful spacious rooftop with a superb view of Thiru Hill. Within two month and quite some investment (thank you, Verena!!!), ideas from Pinterest and hard work from Vijay, the new Dreaming Tree was born. Come and visit!

Our upgraded Dreaming Tree has AC and non AC section, has professionally equipped and spacious kitchen, and , all the more, the food menu is upgraded with wide range of choices from western to Indian cuisine. We even had Romy, a very sweet monk from Korea teaching us how to make Sushi and Kimchi! Thank you, Romy!

And we are constantly experimenting with gluten free bread and pizza, we get innovation inputs, suggestions and process improvement from  our always friendly Chef, Anna Durai, a possible yogi, who hardly get stressed even on tight and busy days

On the other hand, we are proud and excited working with Marc from Marc’s coffee in Auroville. With his help we purchased a super classy new coffee machine, and got our staff trained by Dinesh. Marc’s Barista serves amazing coffee now. Thank you, Marc and Dinesh!

Since 2016 we have been doing organic farming at our house. Vijay is getting an expert in organic farming as well and still a lot to learn but we are happy to provide organic greens and veggies from our own garden.

And, finally we have events happening on mostly every day of the week. Vijay turned into DJ VJ. Every Wednesday and Saturday you can enjoy his world music. So, come to the dance floor. He is ambitious and spends hours at home finding new tracks. Karaoke is also performed once a week.

We would be happy to see you at the Dreaming Tree soon, dance, laugh, eat and enjoy!

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