Did you have a good time at the Dreaming Tree? Did you enjoy the food, the people, some special concert? If you like the Dreaming Tree, please drop us a line here. Thanks for sharing your experience – we hope you’ll be back soon!

Make sure you also like our facebook page and check the blog from time to time. We’ll make sure to surprise you with new ideas, new events and great quality dishes -100% organic.


2 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. I fell in love with the place the first time I came to Thiru. Not only does the food taste superb, but everything is build with so much love. I really feel at home here and everytime I am in Thiru – I make sure to drop in for a Hippy Salad.

    Thank you for building such an amazing place!

  2. The Dreaming Tree is a “must” for anyone traveling to Tiru. My husband and I stumbled upon The Dreaming Tree, and we fell in love with the Bohemian atmosphere -comfy chairs, hammocks, cushions and tables arranged for conversation and relaxation on a rooftop terrace. It’s really beautiful. The food is wonderful, and there are meals that you cannot get anywhere else. The smell of chocolate from their cake wafts through the air. The hot chocolate is intoxicating, and I highly recommend it along with their chocolate cake, which is baked fresh daily! The meals I had there (which I loved) were the Bliss Salad, the Hippie Salad, and the Banana pancakes…exquisite! I want to go back and try everything on their menu! Coincidentally, we happened to be there one evening when Cali Das (one of my husband’s favorite singers!) was performing, and it was truly a magical night. This place also provides one with a great opportunity to meet other like-minded truth-seekers who are seated all around you, and everyone has their own story to tell. But the Dreaming Tree really owes its magic to Vijay and Anna, who are the heart and soul of this place. It is their generosity and warmth that makes Dreaming Tree feel like home away from home. I can’t wait to return!

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