(Served with a side of ragi bread)

Soup of the Day
see special board.

Chilled tomato soup

Small Green Salad
Greens, cucumber, tomato, carrots and beets.

Hippie Salad
Mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, sprouts, beetroot, carrot; topped with tofu and cashew nuts. Tossed in a seasonal dressing. Sunflower seed and coriander served on the side.

Bliss Salad
Sauteed mushrooms, onions, tomato, and cucumber with mixed greens and hard boiled eggs. Served with gomasio and a seasonal dressing.

Greek Salad
Mixed greens, capsicum, onions, tomato and paneer. Served with garlic focaccia and a seasonal dressing

BIG Green Salad
Mixed greens with nuts and sprouts. Served with GF zucchini bread and an olive oil and balsamic dressing
(add egg or paneer)