Why Organic?

Stay healthy in India

We use an Ozonator to clean all our fruits and vegetables. It creates Ozone which is an unstable molecule that is as effective as heavy disinfectant but leaves no harmful residue & returns back to stable oxygen. It is an effective pesticide and pathogen killer. It is not harmful to the nutrients or to people.

Filtered water is used for all drinks, ice and cooking

Vegan? All milk beverages can be substituted with Soya milk for an extra 30 Rs

Sugar sensitive? Replace sugar with Stevia for all drinks

All Cakes and breads are made here by us

Supporting the environment- Avoid plastic and refill your water bottle with filtered water for 7 Rs

In India chemical fertilizers and pesticides have been aggressively promoted & heavily subsidized to keep the fertilizer companies afloat without realizing the resulting devastation. Many of India´s farmers have lost much of their ancestral farming knowledge & seed varieties. Chemical fertilizers & toxic pesticides are extremely harmful for our health. They enter the food supply, penetrate water sources, harm animals, deplete the soil & devastate the natural eco-systems. Over 7000 artificial & chemical preservatives & additives are permitted in non-organic food including colourings, stabilizers, fillers, residual antibiotics & hydrogenated fats.

We offer only organic coffee because it is one of the most heavily treated crops of any agricultural commodity. A lot of pesticides & insecticides are sprayed directly upon the coffee. Workers who have tremendous exposure to these chemicals suffer greatly.

We try to provide as much organic food as possible & therefore our menu is about 80% organic!


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